Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Managing Business Teamwork

When building teams within a company, you need to build them appropriately with the right team members. It is important to consider personalities, skills, and productivity when forming teams. Training should be provided by the manager on systematic methods so the team has the ability to focus on the project and know how to work together well. This will allow the group to work together to solve real issues in the workplace and improve business processes.

Departmental meetings need to be held so the progress of a project can be reviewed. The manager has a responsibility with business teamwork to determine if the group has a healthy relationship or if not everyone is getting along. Meetings will give the manager an opportunity to recognize progress and if the team is working well together. If there are personality issues or conflicts, they can be resolved quickly or teams can be reorganized. Meetings allow a manager to help the team approach issues for the project.

Building fun with business teamwork is important, especially if the group is working on a difficult project that requires some serious brainwork. People tend to get frustrated on big projects. Create a fun environment so all of the people feel involved and appreciated by management and their team members. This might include a company luncheon, a business trip, or even a team retreat at a ski resort.

Icebreakers are a great way to get employees started for the day in a business teamwork environment. Icebreakers are helpful at the beginning of meetings, in the mornings, and group activities. Icebreakers create a personal relationship with management and they promote interaction among team members. This allows people to get to know each other personally and employees enjoy it.

Success should be celebrated. Business teamwork requires recognition of an accomplished project or employees will not feel appreciated. It is always best to provide constructive group praise and not just individual praise. Don't recognize the project manager alone but the entire team as a whole for a project well done. When everyone feels they are an important factor in the success of a project, they will be motivated to work on the next one.

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