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Hard Work is Bad Management - Business, Relationship, Self

Hard Work is Bad Management Article 6.

Hard work is bad management not only relates to business. It is totally true in relationship and self health. If it's hard work, meaning stressful, long hours, not enjoyable, tiring or boring, then it's time for change. Big change. Because bad management destroys things.

3 keys to Good management in Business

1. Nature never destroys things she simply builds a new one on top greater in consciousness (smarter and simpler) and less in number (meaning faster and smaller) Good business growth comes from evolving what you have to what you vision. Big leaps of marketing and brand are high risk and big gambling.

2. Honesty will become a fashion. The future brands will be real. Real is the future. Fluff and lies will not create great sustainable business. Careers based on you doing what you are good at are far more powerful than careers based on you doing what you would love to do. Business must be transparent.

3. The business who helps its clients get more done in less time will be the business who wins. More learning faster, more housework faster, more health in less time, more peace of mind in less time. All products that are in growth phases on earth right now are products that help people get more of something in less time.

3 keys to Good management in Relationship

1. What you appreciate grows. If you appreciate your lover, they appreciate you. If you remind them of what they need to fix, what they did wrong and what they can be better at, you'll loose your relationship. There are two sides to everyone. If you are smart, you'll acknowledge the two and focus on the positive. If you are an emotional fruit cake you'll try to turn them into an all positive, all nice, all peaceful lover. and then they'll leave because you only loved half of them.

2. People become as you treat them. If you treat your lover as someone you don't like or don't trust, you can be guaranteed you'll create your fear. If you treat your children or lover as a peaceful, anger free, highly spiritual person they will become deceitful, because you are treating them deceitfully.

3. Love is cumulative. Love builds action by action. You can run around telling the world how much you love somebody, but it is your actions in their perception that causes them to feel loved. Love is cumulative and so is the breakdown of a relationship. It takes 100 positive acts to overcome one negative. Because people react more strongly to negative acts, the energy of a negative act is multiplied by 100 by the ego of the average lover. So, remember to act with love allot. Meaning kindness, gentleness, care and consideration.

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3 Keys to Good self management

1. Be yourself - be real. Stop trying to be someone else. Stop trying to change yourself. Stop trying to grow yourself. You are perfect and blessed as you are. Just be real. Who else can you be? All philosophies, religions, spiritual traditions and self help programs are flawed. They sell half people who can't exist, and have never existed. So by trying to become a good Yogi, or a good Buddhist or Good Christian, you'll spend the whole of your life disappointed in yourself.

2. Develop realistic expectations. Some people go up with the wind and down with the tides. They are on an emotional roller coaster because they are addicted to an expectation that one day, their difficulties will be over. We never grow from pain. No - we simply get used to it. An athlete never grows from pain, they just learn to tolerate more of it. A Speaker never grows out of stress, they simply get used to it. Nothing really changes. There is nothing to change. It's beautiful. Just like it is. We just need time to get used to it. There is no where to run, or grow to. It's a myth.

3. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Self obsession is bad management. People who are not busy enough, people who are trying to become something, people who think there is something important about themselves, self obsess. They are hypersensitive and the end result of all their self development is greater hypersentiveness. Measure your "goodness" by how you treat others. Not who you think you can become. You can't change. It just adds a lie to your reality. You are worthy of love as you are. And the first person who need to know it, in order to get someone else to acknowledge and value it, is? Yes, you.

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