Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How to Manage Busy Mornings

Most parents are extremely busy in the mornings. It seems that there is always no time to do work in the early hours of morning. Though time can be saved by several techniques and also much more work can be done with good time management.

For example; by doing work at night parents can save lots of time in the morning. They can make lunch and they can clean the dishes, set out clothes and also they can collect books. But children should perform their duties as well and should be prepared to go school.

Parents can use healthy breakfast food which takes no time to serve. In that they may include cold cereal which is fortified with vitamins and minerals. For balanced and easy serving diet they can use yogurt and they can also use fruits. With help of this they can save plenty of time in morning.

One of the good ways to save time in the morning is to switch off the TV. This can be help a lot in saving the time. Otherwise the children will be late from school if they keep watching TV.

Parents have the option to either allow their children to watch TV or not. Depending upon the time left for school and if their children are fully prepared and done with breakfast then they can be allowed but parents should on reminding them about school.

It is also important to make thing organized to save time and to get control. One good option is to keep each Child's things at separate places in the house and they should know where they will find them.

You can place their keys and ID in baskets and can hang their clothes on hooks and tell them their specific ones.

Lastly parents need to be relaxed as it is important, few deep breaths in morning can be helpful to get energy and to become fresh.

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